Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal(em card and fingurprint)

2.8-inch LCD screen to display time, date, week, and attendance information
Transmission mode of wired network and Wi-Fi
1:N mode accurate and fast fingerprint recognition (recognition duration < 1.5s) Supports Max. 3000 users, Max. 3000 fingerprints, and Max. 10,000 pieces of events records Supports two ways of attendance authentication mode: authentication by person, authentication by device Supports the stand-alone operation (supports adding persons, cards, and fingerprints locally) Supports downloading attendance reports by U-disk Supports 32 normal shifts, 32 man-hour shifts, and 32 attendance holiday schedules Supports forming reports automatically Convenient installation and easy operation


Operating SystemLinux
Storage3000 Valid cards, 10,000 Records
Fingerprint Capacity3001 Fingerprints in Total
Fingerprint Recognition Duration2:N < 1 s (Max. 3000 Fingerprints) FAR (False Accept Rate)≤0.001% FRR (False Rejection Rate)≤0.01% LED IndicatorPower/Status (Red/Green), Key Back Light(White) Fingerprint RecognizerOptical Fingerprint Recognizer Module Card Reading ModeEM Card Card Reading Distance≥5 cm Communication ModeTCP/IP, Wi-Fi Transmission RateTCP/IP: 10/100 Mbps Self-Adaptive USB InterfaceUSB2.1 LCD Screen3.8-inch 320 x 240 LCD-TFT Display Screen Key BoardPhysical Keys (No Back Light) Audio2 Buzzer, 1 Loudspeaker Power Supply13VDC Working CurrentMax. 1A Working Temperature-9° C to 55° C (14° F to 131° F) Working Humidity11% to 90% (No Condensing) Application SituationIndoor Dimension (L x W x H)141 mm x 155 mm x 30 mm (5.1" x 61.0" x 11.8") InstallationFixed with Expansion Screws

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